Nike’s thick woven craft shoes of Nike Air Woven appreciation

By 2017, the famous shoe shop Colette was founded 20 years. To celebrate this important moment, Colette teamed up with Nike for a long time to see the Nike Woven modeled, creating a limited edition of 213 pairs of heavy joint shoes. The upper or the use of the Air Woven logo of the coarse weave technology, with Colette logo blue and white, clean and refreshing. It is reported that the shoe has been officially put on sale in colette.


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Nike Air Max 97 La Silver Full palm large capacity air cushion running shoes

As one of the most representative of Nike shoes, was born in 1997, Air Max 97 to create a full palm high-capacity Nike Air precedent.

This is a new source of inspiration from the Japanese Shinkansen high-speed train visible all air cushion running shoes, metal silver and the smooth flow of the perfect combination of shoes, the unique reflective design of the interpretation of the era of the ultimate pursuit of fashion.

Now this style is still avant-garde Air Max 97 will return to our sight, let us in today’s 20 years later, when it was born to move.

Techno’s latest standards Nike hyperadapt 1.0

With the continuous progress of science and technology, intelligent wearable devices have been widely accepted by the public, a variety of smart wristbands, watches in these devices emerge in an endless stream, outside, into the high-tech equipment in the same shoes slowly changing our way of life.

Nike hyperadapt 1.0

HyperAdapt 1 smart shoes by Nike vice president Tinker Hatfield personally creative concept design, which is inspired from the science fiction film “2” back to the future. Nike HyperAdapt 1 is the biggest bright spot in the wearing the shoes, running shoes heel at the sensor is activated, sports shoes will start automatically adjust the tightness, and trigger the function department of automatic shoelace firmly lock the feet, but also part of the shoe sole charging light, at the same time, you can also through the shoe two buttons on the body to adjust elastic shoes.

This smart shoes priced up to $720, and currently only supports Nike+ Nike SoHo Store/Nike+ members to buy in New York Clubhouse, in New York, Chicago, or Losangeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas by way of Nike+ App purchase.

Performance and appearance collisions – Nike Free TR7 women’s training shoes

The weather is warm, people feel the footsteps of the summer approaching. Exercise program girls at the beginning of the year, whether the smooth progress? Is the scientific and orderly, targeted, whether to achieve the desired results in the heart? Whether you’re running a game of strength, core, endurance training, or preparation for running, a pair of training shoes that meet all your needs is an essential part of the training process.

This season, Nike launched a new Nike Free TR7 women’s training shoes, especially for the gym’s aerobic, strength and flexibility training body building. The overall design, the upper with mesh material, with ribbon lace mesh fly line flexible package with the midfoot, TPU cage heel, keep the foot stable and lock, both cut the lateral movement or high strength training such as weightlifting, can provide enough security; in the sole part, triangle star outsole lines, follows the step freely telescopic, to create a natural free walking experience. Finally, there are intimate details, there are many ventilation holes on the tongue part cloth, increased permeability, ensure the feet dry.


The variety of physical training and the way to determine the training should be the correct training shoes. Running shoes are designed according to the characteristics of running, running is moving forward, so the design and function, to meet the more forward momentum play and support; and the training involves starting, running and jumping, press and other complex movements and 360 degrees of motion, more lateral and to reverse the demand, thus training shoes emphasize the stability, flexibility and grip, in order to better respond to the action needs to ensure the safety training, reducing the possibility of injury.